Cruise Control has been among the leading forest inventory software applications utilized in the Appalachian Hardwood Region. Developed by foresters, for foresters- Cruise Control aims to provide a solution to all forest inventory scenarios and situations.

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Cruise Control is a powerful application that is an effective and robust solution to meet most forest inventory needs.

Designed to run on ruggedized mobile handheld computers, data can be collected in adverse weather conditions. After field data is collected, the data is downloaded to the desktop application at which point customized reporting functionality and data manipulation/editing are available.Cruise Control has evolved over time into what we believe is the best forest inventory management software on the market.

  • General Features

    (Cruise Control UWP, Cruise Control Handheld and OnPoint)

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  • OnPoint

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Forest Inventory Software

Landmark Forestry is a West Virginia consulting firm that specializes in forest inventory software and other forest mapping–related software's that helps with industry professionals with forest management. Landmark Forestry is now releasing its heavily anticipated new software version called Cruise Control 3.0! Cruise Control is a premium forest inventory software. This technology-based software is designed to help foresters with data collection efforts. Paired with OnPoint GPS systems, Cruise Control can be utilized in the field for navigation, quick inventory creating options, and quick-view project status. This software is ideal for forest professionals who need a serious tool in their efforts of documenting, mapping, and data collection. If you have any questions regarding our forest mapping software, please get in contact with us and we will be more than happy to assist you!