Cruise Control is a powerful application that is an effective and robust solution to meet most forest inventory needs.

Designed to run on ruggedized mobile handheld computers, data can be collected in adverse weather conditions. After field data is collected, the data is downloaded to the desktop application at which point customized reporting functionality and data manipulation/editing are available.Cruise Control has evolved over time into what we believe is the best forest inventory management software on the market.

General Features

(Cruise Control UWP, Cruise Control Handheld, and OnPoint)

  • Installation and delivery of software updates remotely
  • Cloud-based data transfer
  • Modern, visually-appealing applications that share the same design pattern as first-party Windows apps
  • Easily manage all aspects of forest inventories

Application (Desktop) Features

  • Runs on Windows 10
  • Easily manage organizational settings (species, volume tables, grades, products) to ensure that all users are consistent
  • The cruise information can be viewed/printed within just a few clicks
  • Incorporates custom branding (logos and colors) into reports
  • Per-user or organizational cloud data transfer scenarios
  • Reporting to PDF or Excel format

Handheld Features

  • Touch screen data entry that has been field tested over several years to improve ergonomics
  • Utilizes the Panasonic FZ-E1 Toughpad which includes glove/rain modes to collect data during adverse weather conditions, and is one of the most rugged devices on the market
  • Application navigation consistent with desktop app
  • Voice recognition option for tree entry
  • Ability to distribute cruise setup or combine cruise data in field (including OnPoint mapping projects)
  • Quickly access cruise information in field (including pie charts and statistics)
  • Customize plot data field collection
  • Capture photos within the app that are linked to a specific plot

Panasonic FZ-E1


  • Management of forestry-related GIS projects in a simple, user-friendly way (developed using the ESRI ArcGIS Runtime SDK)
  • Fast base map switching (street, topo, aerial) and base maps are pre-cached which enables fast rendering and offline use
  • Collect/link auxiliary information about GIS features
    • Descriptions
    • Site photos
  • Multiple methods to create GIS features (points, lines and polygons)
    • Digitizing
    • Import from existing GIS data
    • GPS stream
    • Create from other features (property corners)
    • Deed call entry
  • Easily create a cruise grid on selected tracts
  • Navigate between cruise sample points and share info with/between cruise control
    • Plot completion status
    • Volume per acre